Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Decal Fun

I purchased some decals for the nursery a few months ago.

They took a little while to get here, and once they did (surprise, surprise) I was indecisive as to where they should go. One day I just put them up.

The giraffe is on the wall as you walk in:
And the birds (an extra one on account of the delay in the seller getting them out) are on a mirror that will eventually go above the crib.

No, the nursery isn't completely complete yet, but it's ok-she's still sleeping in our room for a little while longer. Also, I thought the birds were a little girly if it were a boy, so I didn't want to commit to tacking the mirror up if it was a boy. And since we've found out it was a girl, well, we've been busy.

Anyway, the process was super easy and kind of fun actually. Just decide on your placement, rub, peel, tape, rub and peel again. Presto!

Unfortunately now though, hubs loves the process and wants to buy every wall decal he sees.

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