Monday, March 30, 2009

I must've missed the memo

Did anyone else not realize how trendy owls were? I had heard some people/shows/blogs talk about them, but I had no idea how prevalent they were in home decor.

While at HomeSense this past weekend, they were all over the place. HomeSense being what it is, I can't link to anything or even search for products, however, I decided to take a look at some of my favourite sites and even google it to see what's out there.

I've posted once about some Pier 1 owls I liked, and there are some other very interesting ones out there...some obviously more tasteful than others and some just downright tacky and c-raaazy.

Anyways, here's an idea of some of my finds:

Owl Lamp from Anthropologie:
Owl Pillow from Modern Dose

Owl Wall Decal from Silk Fair

Owl Umbrella Stand from Burke Decor

Weird Owl fan from Target

Owl Duvet Set from Pottery Barn

Owl Tea Set from Pearl River

Owl Brass Figurine from Etsy seller ModishVintage

And just looking through all the owl-related products on Etsy is enough to fulfill any weird owl-cravings.

I can't help but think back to Farley Mowat's Owls in the Family book report circa 4th grade.

While I don't particularly love that this is the "trendy" thing to do, I do appreciate the increased selection of all things owl since I think it's a "safe" animal to disply in terms of gender-neutral rooms. It's not particularly feminine but it can still be cute. Sounds good to me.

Flooring Progress

Hubs is making quick work of finishing the trim around the hardwood.

After we installed the hardwood, there were gaps around all the edges that looked like this or worse:

He picked up some trip last week or so and was just waiting on a pass lode gun or something like that (automatic nailer) to attach the quarter round. Once he did, it already looked better:

However, it still looked incredibly unfinished, so he taped the floor off, then caulked and painted it:
I think it makes such a huge difference. You wouldn't notice the change specifically, but it does look so much more finished and muuuch better. A few more walls to paint in the family room and then he has to start the whole process in the dining room.

New Additions

Despite the fact that hubs and I are trying to hunker down budget-wise, there were a few new additions to our household this weekend. All very budget friendly:

This framed photograph was actually free. It was part of the Malen Framing gc we used to get the SXM print framed a couple weeks ago. The gift certificate comes in a display frame so the gifters have a tangible thing to supply the giftees, and they'll insert a photograph of choice into it at no charge. (note, it's not a typical frame where this service consists of lifting the braces and the cardboard backing and putting the picture in. It's more involved and the back is a sealed paper art-like back) We chose our favourite wedding photo and it's on the wall you first see when you walk into our master bedroom:

I picked up 2 of these along with a nice white & green bowl I forgot to photograph on Friday while killing time on a work errand. They were only $3 each and after seeing similar ones in a TYH give-away, I'd been semi-looking for some. They haven't quite found a permanent home just yet, but there are lots of choices, so we're just deciding:
I found these iron (or something) letters at HomeSense for about $4 each on Saturday and snatched one of each of hubs and my initials. They now reside on the wall to the left as you walk into our master (opposite the new photograph):
Also at HomeSense (dangerous place..I should never go there) I picked up these 2 containers. I'd been looking for some white ginger jars for a while, and they had some ceramic ones along with a large selection of shapes and sizes of these. I don't really know what they're made of--kind of melamine or something, so far less fragile. After WAY too much consideration, I finally decided to go the less-breakable route and narrowed it down to these 2:

I definitely need to stop going shopping and I have a few new favourite stores (BouClair Home anyone?) where I could do some serious damage. But there's just so much out there and with places like HomeSense, you have to actually go to the store and can't just look online. Recipe for disaster if you ask me :) Not that I mind.

Friday, March 27, 2009

More Fabric Swatches

These ones are mostly brighter and funner (it's a word!) than the others, although, again-for the most part, mainly accent fabrics.

They're all from various collections of J Caroline Creative and are monstrously cheaper than the previous post, which all hailed from C&M textiles.

What do you think of this batch?

Fabric Swatches

Here's a start to some fabric swatches I've been drawn to. They're all a bit...muddy? I don't know a term to describe it, but the opposite of bright. Dull maybe?

Anyways, they're a start and they'd mostly be accent fabrics since I'm a plain fabric kind of gal generally.

What d'ya think?

Some Chandelier Options

Here are some images I've saved of chandelier-type lights we could consider.

One thing to keep in mind is the sconces that we both really, really like in the space:

Although, by no means to we need or even want the chandelier to match the sconces, they're just something to think about.

This is the first chandelier that hubs and I agreed on. It was about 2-3 months ago and this picture is snapped in HD, with (ironically) terrible lighting. I guess it's kind of gothic, or celtic in a way. Something you might find hanging in O'Connor's Pub or something. It's affordable and we both like it, but it's approx 18-24" diameter is too small. Option: get 2?Here are some other images I've saved from online retailers and manufacturers. I think some of them I saved just because they were bearable after scrolling through hundreds of hideous fixtures, so they may vary in style quite significantly. Also, I was trying to keep a fairly open mind and not immediately rule out certain styles just because.

Thought? Likes? Hates? Loves? Opinions?

I need help!