Friday, March 5, 2010

Ever crib needs a mattress

I really love our crib. Really, I do. But Holy poop it's given me its share of headaches.

After the refinishing and air hole situations were resolved, we then had to sort out getting a mattress for this thing.

Since it hasn't been used in more than a couple decades (the last person to use it, my youngest sis is now 23), the mattresses it had were a In fact, here's the one in best condition that my mom had made more than 30 years ago:

So needless to say, I wanted to get something in slightly better shape, and a bit thicker. You see, the crib is pretty deep and while I'll still use the above mattress at the bottom of the crib for a little extra boost, I still need a 5 or 6" mattress on top of it so I'm not doing deep bends every time the baby needs to be picked up or put down. Plus, the higher they are (obviously within reason), the more air circulation...that issue never really goes away.

So I sourced out a couple options from upholsterers, seamstresses, mattress stores, etc. Not too much came up, and when it did, the cost was crazy. Like $250 was the lowest one, and he was doing me a favour.

Yes, I know crib mattresses are available at most department stores and baby stores. And certainly for less than $100, BUT...the mattress needed for this precious crib is 47" x 21", and a standard mattress (all new cribs have essentially the same dimensions) is 42" x 24" or something like that. Shorter and fatter than ours anyways. So...I was on my own.

Even I, in all my ignorance knew that somehow I could do this myself for a lot less than $250. It may not be perfect, but it would be perfectly safe and much more affordable.

So I visited a bunch of fabric stores trying to get as much info as I could. From some of the bigger ones in town, even just the high density foam would run me $150+. Shize.

Then...someone recommended checking out Rockland Textiles . Thank goodness they did!

I got the mattress cut perfectly to size in 2 days for a fraction of the price of anywhere else and I managed to buy baby vinyl for cheap from my angel ( Fabricland on Hazeldean) that recommended them.

I realize I'm making this out to be a much bigger deal that it should be to anyone, but it took SOOO long to finally find this solution.

Then, after repairing a broken sewing machine, a LOT of hand sewing on the ends (to the point of a lasting claw hand), and the serious consideration of duct taping it together, I finally got the mattress covered.

And I gotta say, for someone who couldn't even thread a sewing machine a year ago, it looks pretty damn good.

Of course, though, with a wonky sized mattress, I needed to craft some wonky sized crib sheets. Damnit!

But through the wonder of google, a bit of free time and the stubborn insistence that I could do it, I managed to figure it out somehow and have made a couple fitted (yep-like with elastic corners!!!) sheets that perfectly fit (if I may say so myself) the mattress.

I'm SO glad it's over and ready for a little donkey in there.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Presto, Change-o

A super simple and easy project to update any house? Updating the switch plates and plugs.

OK, I'll admit that the main reason this is especially simple, easy (and cheap) for us is because I'm married to an electrician, but still. It's a great way to update an old house.

Especially when the switches and plugs are a mix-match tone, painted all over and just ugly:

And in less than 5 minutes per box, are changed to this:

And, actually, all the plugs are tamper resistant, which means in several months when babe is cruising around and curious, they're a lot safer around the outlets and we don't have to stick those little plastic cover thingy's on all our outlets. Perfect!

I truly can't believe the difference it makes.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Le crib

If you recall from an update a while ago, progress on our heirloom crib came to a screeching halt about a month ago.

Fortunately, however, since then it's all been remedied and it's now all set up awaiting a babe in the nursery.

A reminder of what the crib looked like in it's original state:
And in an effort to give examples of how it could be altered to allow for some more air circulation, I did up these drawings in my fave program (next to Excel), paint:

Then hubs and I marked them out to see which one(s) we preferred:

And finally, had the slots cut out, and then I primed, painted and verathaned parts of it all over again until we have the finished project:

Which I'm confident allows enough air circulation for our little squirt, especially combined with the wide open top, and how high the mattress initially sits while the baby is really a baby.

Phewf! One less thing to worry about.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let the trim begin...

Remember our vibrant main floor living space?

And no, I don't mean that in a complimentary way.

Well, since most of the other immediate big projects are completed, we thought it would be a good time to get started on trim & paint in these blue blue BLUE rooms.

There was an AWFUL lot of patching work in these rooms thanks to 30 years and some not-so-handy previous owners. It's a good thing I'm home from work now to do all this dirty work in the day light.

The first step was trim. Here's the trim that's throughout the entire house:

It's not terrible, but it's pretty small, standard and nothing special. So we got some new trim and here's what it looks like after:

Pretty big difference, non? But it's actually a bit of a cheat. See-the bottom part is trim and that little strip at the top is trim, but that flat space in between? It's just wall painted white. Clever eh? It's a trick many home builders are using to up the value of fairly standard trim. Sure, you can buy 8" trim, but this is a lot cheaper.

So when it's on a whole wall, it looks like this:
Still a hideous wall by any standards, but en route to being much nicer.

And once the trim's done and the wall's painted....well, there you go.

THEN it starts to remind us of a new house...

Especially after the switch plates are all changed!

Love it!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Nursery Project - still thinkin' small

After the relative success of my last project, I thought I'd try another one.

After a successful shopping trip a few weeks ago, I found these great lamps:

How cute is that giraffe one, seriously? But..the green on the shade was all wrong and I wanted some bit of consistency since we're not doing the whole "bedding set" thing in the nursery.

So, I picked up a new shade

Which I didn't buy to match, just to be a neutral base and for the shape.

And since I still had all that fabric sitting around, I had an idea to do this:

Cute, non? And SO super easy. Now that lamp is one of my favourite things in the room.