Friday, February 26, 2010

Nursery Project - beginning small

Knowing how I am, I knew there'd be a lot of DIY planned for the nursery. This is a great thing, I think-it personalizes the space, and often times saves some coin...both perfect. The unfortunate thing is that in planning, I always think I'm more creative, handy and capable that I really am.

So, I had to start small on the seamstress projects. A pillow cover. Simple, right? Usually yes, but this was a pillow cover for a breastfeeding pillow, which are all wonky shaped. Still pretty straight forward, though.

Here's the before pillow I got from a friend who's all done with her baby-feeding days:

So I washed that, and still had all that fabric I thought I'd use hubs' pick to cover the pillow. After a lot of shoving and tweaking and a healthy dose of hand sewing, here it is:

I really like it, and think it's pretty darn cute.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Banister completion

If you recall, almost immediately upon moving in over 2 months ago, hubs and I ripped up almost all of the carpet in the house and tore out the banisters. They had to be replaced since they weren't up to code for little ones and, well, they weren't all that pretty.

So for several weeks, after the new carpet was installed and eventually once the hardwood was completed as well, we just had no banisters. We've become used to living with things 'in progress', but it was getting a little dangerous with each passing day that I couldn't see my feet. So...we priced out several options-basic DIY, medium DIY, our preferred DIY as well as several supplied & installed options since hubs had never done banisters before.
In the end, he really wanted to try them himself, and after looking at the options, the ones we really wanted weren't all that much more expensive, and for the sake of a couple hundred bucks, we were both willing to bite the (smaller than expected) bullet and get the good stuff. (Plus, for any other Canadians who know, if we bought them quick, they supplies would have counted towards the home renovation tax credit-perfect!).

So we bought the oak newel posts and installed them first (and you can see where I got anxious and tested out some of the stain):

And somehow the stain we had on hand that had been used to refinish the dining room table years ago matched almost perfectly to the hard wood. I don't think we could have bought custom stain that would have been better. Jackpot!

The next step was a bit trickier. Nothing hubs couldn't handle, but he (I won't pretend I had anything to do with it) had to cut the posts to size and install them equi-distant apart, get them in the floor (mix of hardwood and carpet), bang them in and then screw then to the handrails.

But the end result is fantastic! Nothing short of a pro job I think. And now my mom can stop complaining about vertigo when she stops by :)


Wow! So it's been a while.

When I last posted, I'd had one surprise shower and received a lot of loot for the pending arrival (10 days until EDD!!!) We still had loads to do in the nursery, not to mention work that needed to be done on the house in general.

Since then, since it's been a month afterall, quite a lot has gotten done.

Banisters are done, crib's done, I've somehow become a half decent seamstress, several crafty projects have been done and we've started painting the main level. Oh! And hubs has installed hard wired lighting in the bedrooms, so we have light that's not just a lamp.

I'll post several updates in the coming days as I'm now off work and not training my replacement, so I have the time to give some updates.