Friday, January 15, 2010

Nursery Fabric has arrived! (Mostly)

After a discouraging trip to a few local fabric stores, I decided to hit up J Caroline Creative to get some fabrics-knowing that they had lots I've been interested in before, and certainly more variety.

And did I EVER find some I liked. In the end I had a list of 15 that I was deciding between and settled on these ones after a consult with hubs :

So the first 2 are the main-ish fabrics in the room (although the 1st one is backordered) and the last 2 I just couldn't resist. Got them to make a couple pillows or blankets or something with.

So cute though, non? Now I need to decide what on earth I need 11 yards of fabric for when I'm an amateur seamstress at best!

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