Friday, February 26, 2010

Nursery Project - beginning small

Knowing how I am, I knew there'd be a lot of DIY planned for the nursery. This is a great thing, I think-it personalizes the space, and often times saves some coin...both perfect. The unfortunate thing is that in planning, I always think I'm more creative, handy and capable that I really am.

So, I had to start small on the seamstress projects. A pillow cover. Simple, right? Usually yes, but this was a pillow cover for a breastfeeding pillow, which are all wonky shaped. Still pretty straight forward, though.

Here's the before pillow I got from a friend who's all done with her baby-feeding days:

So I washed that, and still had all that fabric I thought I'd use hubs' pick to cover the pillow. After a lot of shoving and tweaking and a healthy dose of hand sewing, here it is:

I really like it, and think it's pretty darn cute.

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