Monday, January 4, 2010

The crib project

So I can officially say that the nursery progress has progressed. Incredibly slowly and nothing big, mind you, but you gotta start somewhere.

One of the big projects for the room is the crib. We are actually going to be using the very crib that my Oma (dutch grandmother) brought over by boat from Holland 50+ years ago, used for her 7 children and was then used for myself and my 3 siblings. Neat, huh?

It's a sturdy piece of furniture, that's for sure. So before anyone starts wondering if it's safe and in accordance with all the new standards, here's a photo:

It's solid oak and very sturdy, so I'm confident my little peanut will be in good hands.

However, hubs and I aren't real 'oak-y' people. Love the wood-not necessarily the colour. So...we've discussed with my father, who'd discussed it with my Oma before she passed away in November, and both were completely ok with us sanding it down and refinishing it in a darker stain.

So I got to work sanding it. Wore the motor out of 1 palm sander actually before buying a new, better one and making much quicker progress with it. Once it was all sanded, I tried a section with the stain..and it just wasn't working. Like, at all. It's some very old wood and I was using a water-based stain (better for the babe), and the two are just not a match made in heaven, unfortunately for me.

My dad then suggested just painting it. Obviously I'd thought of that, but didn't want to make the call to paint over a family heirloom piece from a family (and paternal grandfather) who LOVE their wood. But he said he'd ask his sisters and a painter-friend to see if they had a problem with it/ had an alternate solution for it. There wasn't and they didn't, so we bought the paint yesterday.

The CIL website is under construction, so I couldn't find an actual swatch of the colour, but it's Stonebridge Brown and (on my monitor, at least) closely resembles this:
So it'll hopefully be a much updated crib and it starts tonight with priming, so I'm very excited.

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