Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Le crib

If you recall from an update a while ago, progress on our heirloom crib came to a screeching halt about a month ago.

Fortunately, however, since then it's all been remedied and it's now all set up awaiting a babe in the nursery.

A reminder of what the crib looked like in it's original state:
And in an effort to give examples of how it could be altered to allow for some more air circulation, I did up these drawings in my fave program (next to Excel), paint:

Then hubs and I marked them out to see which one(s) we preferred:

And finally, had the slots cut out, and then I primed, painted and verathaned parts of it all over again until we have the finished project:

Which I'm confident allows enough air circulation for our little squirt, especially combined with the wide open top, and how high the mattress initially sits while the baby is really a baby.

Phewf! One less thing to worry about.

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