Monday, October 5, 2009


That's how I feel this morning.

After an exhausting, yet incredibly eventful and exciting weekend. I arrived this morning to an e-mail that's made me feel heartbroken and sunk.

First, let me give the gist of the e-mail I would have written 40 minutes ago:


Wow---what an awesome weekend. Non-stop and didn't have a second to rest, but worth every moment.

Got a call Friday afternoon asking about our house for sale and when this couple could come see it. Informed them we were having an open house Saturday & Sunday, but they were busy, so asked if they could come by earlier. I offered up 9:30. Done.

So after a dinner party Friday night and going to see Fame with the ladies (so cheesy, yet so us and thus quite enjoyable), I came home, cleaned up the dinner mess and went to bed. Woke up early enough for the final touches and met P&K to show our home. It's not an overstatement to say that they loved it. The showing went really well in my opinion and they were clearly not 'just looking', they were ready to buy. K went around for another look of the house while P stayed in the kitchen with me. K said to P "yeah, I know-you're already sold". !!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeee! OK-heart, slow down.

So K finishes the second tour and comes down. After a bit of conversation and small talk we decide to do this thing and write up the offer. Excellent! A price we're both happy with, no conditions (Tarion does the work of the inspection), and a closing date of November 20th. Super excellent!! So I make a copy and they go on their way to enjoy the weekend and take the paperwork to their lawyer first thing Monday to get this thing official.

Open house Saturday afternoon. No one comes except one group. That group is P&K with another couple to 'show off their new home'. Seriously-they love it. It makes me so happy, relieved and truly warms my heart because you always want the person/people who buy your home to love it as much as you do. Like I did with our last house, I WANT P&K to have this house. I'm sentimental, so sue me.

Anyways, the weekend progresses. Another open house Sunday and it's more successful, but my heart's just totally not in it.

Hubs and I are SO excited and happy, yet still somewhat cautious because we know nothing's signed yet. We agree that P&K don't seem the type to just leave us hanging, so we're a bit more assured.

Enter Monday. Demon of days that it is.

I'm exhausted, but have a long to do list that includes scouring MLS and Grapevine for our next home.

I check the e-mail account we've set up for the sale...and my heart drops.

There's an e-mail from P&K saying that they got a call this weekend from another person they'd been negotiating with saying he was ready to accept their offer. *Gulp* The deadline has expired, so it's not as if they're legally bound to this agreement (I believe), I just don't know if they love that house more. :(

In their defence, the e-mail sounded quite apologetic. It's not a done deal one way or another and the other party has until tomorrow (Tuesday) to let P&K know what their lawyer says.

In the meantime, our hearts are troubled, my mind's going a mile a minute and I'm on pins & needles. I just hope to hear back ASAP (in the most ASAP way you can ask for).