Thursday, January 21, 2010

After a couple little stumbles on account of not being able to see my feet, we've finally got some progress on our banisters! Yay!

We loooved the banisters at our last house, so we wanted to somewhat replicate them in this house. (Seems like we're attempting to clone it, non?). So we got a few quotes, priced it out at good old HD and eventually, hubs admitted he really wanted to do it himself, and HD had the best prices for materials. So there we went.

For the record, I acknowledge that I don't have enough faith in hubs, which I should. I really thought this could turn out to be a mess. But, alas-he has proved himself and proved me wrong again. He's done a fantastic job.

A reminder of what we were looking at on moving day:

And after the stairs and hardwood were done:
Which already was a huge aesthetic improvement, but from the lookout point, it was a bit of vertigo that needed to be remedied.

So we got some oak newels:
And stained them using a store bought stain that we couldn't have paid to have custom made to match the hardwood any better:
So now it's just a matter of figuring out how to macgyver the wrought iron posts in since they don't come in the length we need them.

So from this:
To this:

I'm pretty pleased.

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