Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hardwood Part 2 getting there

Hope everyone had a nice, family-filled and relaxing holiday.

I certainly did, although the relaxing bit was a bit out of sight. It was still very much enjoyable.

Hubs and I spent a lot of time prepping the main floor living room and kitchen and started on the flooring in there. My FIL is in town today to help hubs with some more of the hardwood, but mostly just to spend some QT together and see the new place.

Started with the front hallway section since there's a staircase and bullnosing required there:

Looks good non? Now we just need banisters!
And here's hubs getting to work on the living room (and yes, the room IS that vibrant blue-it's not just my camera this time):
God! I can't wait until it's done and I can paint those blasted walls!
And although the kitchen got off to a rocky start with floating laminate, plywood screwed down about a zillion times, vinyl and MORE particle board that is a PITA to rip up not to mention a leaking dishwasher (this house is haunted with water ghosts), we ended up getting it all up by puck drop last night so it's 98% prepped for installation today.

See all the screws-I told you! I'm a mad woman with a drill now though after so much practice:
And if past evidence was not proof enough of the poor taste this home has a history of, please note the vinyl flooring that used to be in the kitchen:
Yes-REALLY! And the cabinets used to be dark. Can you imagine!!!!! I'm so glad I wasn't around in the 70's! And I'm so glad that we're replacing it!
I am SO excited for what I'll be coming home to tonight! ANd tomorrow we're (ahem-hubs) is installing a new patio door and getting to work on the dining room hardwood, and then...and then the flooring's done!

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