Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust...

Another deal fell through.

I didn't write anything about it on here, or really even talk to anyone other than hubs about it in the off chance that being superstitious would affect anything. I didn't want to jinx it.

It was the guy who came through when hubs did his first open house a couple weeks ago. They came back twice that day and upped their offer from the first to second visit. We hadn't heard from them, so thought (like most 'leads') it was a dead end. Then he called back and upped his offer again. It was still lower than we were comfortable accepting, so countered back and forth until we agreed on a number, date, etc. Yay! He works nights and we work days, so we were trying to figure when we could meet up for paperwork. Trust me-I was willing to take a vacation day and drive across the city if it was required. He was going to speak to his mother and call me back. That was yesterday. I hadn't heard from him today, so called and apparently they're putting an offer on a property in Centrepoint. I.e. NOT ours. Blech.

STOP now if you don't want to read excessive whining....


I warned you...

I have NO idea why our house isn't selling! It's priced very well (too well?) and other homes very close to ours (like down the street close) are selling quickly. Our house shows really well and it has tonnes of upgrades and features that people genuinely are seeming to really appreciate.

Obviously we've considered that it's us. Of course we have! We're not stupid, but I sincerely and honestly believe that I'm quite natural at this and very comfortable at it. Damnit-I'm good at it! I don't make it personal, I make sure to point out what should be pointed out and often cater these to the person/people viewing the home. I chit chat where appropriate, but always keep it professional/home related unless the viewer takes it somewhere else. And although I haven't really seen hubs do his thing, he got an offer his first open house, so he can't be that bad. He's very smart and knows construction and our house, so I'm sure he's good at it.

Seriously...why hasn't anyone bought our house! I'm flabbergasted. Truly. And not in a 'I love our house, so why don't other people too?' way, but in a realistic, rational way after a lot of research into the market, talking to professionals, etc. we take it down and stay a while? Do we enlist an agent? Do we reduce the price (again)?

I don't know, and although I'm at my wits end, hubs is also slowly getting there too.

I need a fairy Godmother...or something.

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