Friday, November 20, 2009


I know this has been an incredibly dry blog for some time now, and I apologize for that. It's been a busy, stressful time for a number of reasons and hopefully soon I can get back to shopping, idea boards and fun stuff. For now though, it's another picture-less, all talk update on sale progress...

So, here's what's been happening since Monday (apart from stress, anxiety and general unease).

Yesterday (Thursday) was the deadline we set for the negotiation worksheet to be prepared into an Agreement of Purchase & Sale, sent to the lawyers and signed. Yesterday at 5:00 specifically.

So Tuesday I called our lawyer just to give him a heads up that a) we were selling, b) we had sold, and c) there should be some paperwork coming to him. I left a message with his receptionist and left my number, but no call back. That's fine-he's my Godfather, so I'm sure he's looking out for my best interest and would call as soon as anything came in.

Thursday I called back to check in-he hadn't received anything as of 10:30 or so, so hubs called the buyer and asked what was up. The buyer mis-read the document and thought he had until 5:00 Thursday to get the paperwork to his lawyer. Fortunately he realized this on Wednesday, so had delivered the deposit cheque and signed paperwork then. However, it still hadn't made it to our lawyer yet, so there was no relief late yesterday afternoon as we had hoped for.

Bright and early this morning, I get a call from our lawyer (he's a very early riser) saying he has the agreement, read me the clauses. Everything sounded kosher until...he said there was a financing and inspection condition. Say what?! Hubs and the buyer had agreed to no conditions as he'd been pre-approved, the home was brand spankin' and it was still very well covered by new home warranty. So I called hubs in a panic, who then called the buyer. The buyer mentioned his lawyer advised him to add these conditions for extra insurance and he was considering voiding them anyways.

OK-I can understand his desire for extra insurance, but this is an incredibly time sensitive deal. We close in 3 WEEKS! According to this new agreement, he has until next Friday to satisfy these conditions. So...cynic that I've become (thus not wanting to act until this deal is 100%), that means that starting next Friday, we'd need to find, purchase and move into a new place in a span of 2 weeks. Which also happens to be 2 weeks before Christmas. Um---my little heart canNOT handle that.

Side: I'm actually impressed with hubs who was quite proactive about all of this and seemingly (what's the opposite of a pushover?...he was that). I'm very much the organizer and planner of our household and for all of our sales, have pretty much been the one in charge. I'm impressed he's taken the reigns and is managing them well.

So...I'm hoping that the buyer sticks to his side of the agreement and voids those 2 conditions, which is what was agreed to on Monday. And I'm hoping he does it fast. Truly, this needs to be taken care of today.

Puh-lease cross your fingers, toes, eyes and whatever else you can for us.

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