Monday, November 9, 2009


Wow--have I really not posted in that long?

Unfortunately, our excitement has waned slightly about the sale process the longer it's lasted.

Our listing went up on Sept 9-exactly 2 months ago. Since then, we've had 8 open houses (1 week we did the Saturday too) and had approx another 8 private showings. The open houses have always been successful and have always brought in at least 4-5 groups, often more.

In fact, hubs even did one open house while I was away in Toronto (to see the SYTYCD finale---yep. And no, I'm not a teenager). He was very nervous and was reluctant to do it at first, but it went really well, and it even got him his first offer! It was low, but still an accomplishment I'd say.

Our plan has been to show until the end of October and then take it down for the holidays, etc. This weekend's open house was to be our last, but we're just not ready to accept that it's not selling, so we'll see-maybe another week or so.

Last weekend, hubs & I hosted the open house together. Strange? I thought it could have been too, but I was really sick (actually was quarantined all of last week) and didn't want to do it alone. Plus, secretly, I wanted to see him do his thang and see how he does it. Maybe learn from each other? Before the open house, we buried a cardboard statue of St Joseph. A friend told me that doing this would bring luck, etc to real estate sales as he's the Saint of (among other things) real estate. I know! I had no idea there was such a saint either. But another friend had done it and sold their place within the week.

Anyways, we followed the directions, said a little prayer and off we went.

Here's hoping we've got a little miracle coming our way!

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