Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanks for the help Om's

So, I think Oma got to work quickly in the past week pulling some strings and helping us all out she never could while earth-bound.

Sunday-we had a day full of wakes and family. Hubs still hosted an open house though as we'd already made some appointments for people to come by during it. Overall, it was a pretty uneventful open house according to him...until just after it ended.

4:00 rolls around (open house 2-4) and he gets a call from a guy who's come through a couple times over the past couple weeks and has expressed interest, although he's certainly not the first to tease us. Guy calls, hubs charms, guy offers, hubs negotiates, gents agree. He'll be coming by Monday morning first thing to agree to terms and sign the negotiation worksheet to bring to the lawyers. Yay! I'm not getting my hopes up, but this sure isn't a bad thing.

4:20 gets here and another guy comes through that's also been through a few times (we knew he'd be late) and this time brought his wife and child from Toronto. Hubs charms, guy expresses desire to make offer, hubs informs, guy says he'll call tonight if he's making an offer for same conditions, higher price than other guy. No call.

So the paperwork's signed the morning of Oma's funeral and it's off to the lawyers to do their Thursday, if not before, this could be a done deal. December 11 closing, no conditions. Sweet Jesus---don't make me go through the actions again for it to fall through once again.

Thanks Oma! Thanks St. Joseph!

And apparently I've become a Holy Roller...these things happen.

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