Monday, September 28, 2009


Since last week saw the first official day of fall, I decided to Fall-ify our home. (And if you're in Ottawa...hoo-wee is it ever feeling like Fall).

I started with candles, candles and more candles,

Added some fall 'florals':

Sewed some less green throw pillow covers (apparently I CAN sew!):

And some seasonal decor:

And I even picked up an unintentionally-seasonal piece of art last weekend that fits right in:
You can't tell, and my camera's not good enough to get a good close-up, but they're all individually pressed actual maple leaves (or marijuana if you're my guy friends, and no, they're not 18). I really, really like it, and love it in our formerly-bare front hall.

I also switched up some linens, tissue boxes and other accessories to have a bit less blue, green and bright and a bit more neutral, warm and fall-y.

I thought I'd go overboard, but I think it's subtle overall and I really like it (hubs does too). I figure, it's our house until it's sold, and you might as well stage it seasonally if you're going to all that trouble anyways. (And yesterday's open house visitors all seemed to very much approve).
How do you fall-ify your home?


  1. If you don't mind sharing, can you tell me where you picked up the picure with the maple leaves. I love it. Your home looks great.

  2. Hi Jacquie,

    It's actually from HomeSense in Ottawa during their clearout sale. There's not often duplicates of the stuff, but it's certainly worth a shot. If you're in Ottawa, the new one opens up Oct 1...can't wait!