Friday, September 11, 2009

Outlook not good

Remember Magic 8 Balls. Man, they were popular.

Unfortunately, if I had one and asked it about the potential of last night's couple making an offer, the subject would equal the answer.
I came across this posting on Grapevine, which is basically just down the street from us, a slightly more expensive model and not a whole lot more expensive. Obviously I think ours is nicer and better, but I also realize that this one has it's own appeal. And depending on the demographic, possibly even more. Boo!

I know I said I was trying not to get my hopes up, but then why am I so glum now?

To make myself feel better, here are the things I don't like about it:

  • The write up starts with "A FABULOUS HOME!!!" Why all caps? Why 3 exclamation marks? Why waste the space with hyperbole?
  • Lower Level description: "Unfinished basement left for you to add your personal touch!". Ew.
  • Eavestrough. It's one word, not two.
  • Extra pieces of hardwood from builder left in basement. Why even bother writing that?
  • Hood fan: it's two words, not one.
  • Year Built: 2007 Approx. You're the original owners, and you don't know when it was built? Shaaaaady.
  • Weird siding -why the random bit of a different colour?
  • Horrible drapes/sheers in the dining room
  • Where is the crown moulding? They say it's there, but I don't see it.
  • Drapes in the bathroom? Directly over the bathtub?
  • The desk looks way to large for the 'loft' (which is really just a large landing). It makes it look cramped.
  • I straight up just don't like the 'gazebo'. It looks like you're camping. And it's not a gazebo for heaven's sake. It's a mosquito net.

Anyway, I'm just being bitchy and juvenile, but all those things are true. It is a nice kitchen though.

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