Thursday, September 24, 2009

He called back

The same guy who offered us $330K called back last night to 'check in'. He asked if I'd considered their offer and discussed it with my family.

It was basically a less surprised (on my part) repeat of our previous conversation, where I said I'd discussed with my husband and we don't feel it's a realistic starting point. We're open to negotiate but not from there.

He keeps going on and on about window treatments and how expensive they'll be...seriously? Seriously? If you're so concerned about the window treatments, I'll spend the $2K on getting some on every window in the house!!! Then are you willing to offer a reasonable amount?

I'm sure he's got a list and that's the main/only one he can think of when we talk, but it makes his whole argument sound so silly.

After only 2 weeks being listed and the amount of interest we've had, there's no way we're settling for $330K. Sorry bud.

Still, though, I think it's all good signs that he's calling back and I'm sure they're interested.

This weekend brings a rainy Sunday and Open House numero 3.


  1. You do realize that it's highly likely "this guy" is reading your blog? A Google search of your address or link to your grapevine listing will eventually track back to this blog.
    It's an interesting read for sure - the behind the scenes look at selling your home privately makes for a good read.
    I just hope you don't annoy this (or other) potential buyers!

  2. Of course I do, and I don't find this post insulting in the least. It's my side of selling our home. I genuinely like the couple in question, but a quick calculation of what's been done in the house proves that $330K isn't a realistic amount.

    I simply said that that's what they offered and we turned it down. I don't see how that's annoying.