Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Goals-Judgement Day

As I mentioned earlier this week, overall I don't think I did too bad this month. Let's see:

  1. Send cards Completed
  2. Have a real date night with hubs Completed
  3. Finish organizing the basement Completed
  4. Stage 2 spare bedrooms Completed
  5. Hit up an antique store or auction Completed (see review here)
  6. Make cinnamon rolls w breadmaker Compeleted (and deeeelicious-recipe here)
  7. Get to work on time at least 1x per week Haha--massive FAIL. I got to work on time ONCE. All month.
  8. Organize our closet Completed
  9. Host at least 1 open house Completed several times over
  10. List & sell our house Partially Completed. It's listed, it's just not yet sold.

Me thinks that may be my most successful monthly list to date! Unfortunately the one that would make me the happiest, is the one that's only partially completed. Oh well, soon-I can feel it.

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