Friday, September 11, 2009

Showing, First Act

So, we had our first showing yesterday evening.

The short version: it went well, and the couple should be making a decision today. Fingers are crossed, but the plan is still for an open house on Sunday.

The long version: I left work early so I could get the final prep stuff done. Nothing serious, my list just included closing all the windows, turning on all the lights, turning on the speakers, and putting away Max & Layla's food & water dishes.

That was done quite quickly, so I had a quick drink of water and the doorbell rang. I gave them the tour, and they asked questions along the way. A middle-aged couple originally from the area moving back from BC because grandchildren are on the way. Seem quite well educated in the market, industry and the area as well. Thankfully I'd done my share of research and have paid attention to the build, so could answer his questions quite easily.

Once I'd given them the tour, which ended in the master, I went back downstairs, leaving them to check it out without someone peeking over their shoulders. I, for one, find this essential. If it were me, I wouldn't be nearly as comfortable talking with my partner honestly about the house and peeking in all the nooks and crannies if the homeowner was right there watching me.

My one complaint, and I'm still kicking myself for it, is that as I was turning on the lights, I did a quick sweep in the laundry room because of the litter box. The room didn't smell, per se, but no one ever notices smells they're used to, so I gave it a quick Febreeze spritz. Bad move! I never use the stuff, so I'd forgotten how strong & overpowering it is. Rookie mistake. So I turned on the vent to try to eliminate some of it and keep it from travelling, but that didn't help at all. I had to apologize as we got upstairs because you could already smell it. Damnit! I hate that stuff-I threw out the bottle as soon as they left.
When they came back down, I gave them a feature sheet and we talked dates. They're home in BC is closing Oct 29th, so they asked how flexible we were. I said we can be as flexible as needed since we haven't bought a house yet, but our listing noted October 30th closing-so no flexibility is needed. Perfection.

They were on their way to another showing, and had a few more today. He said they'd likely be making their decision later today.

I have no reason to believe they didn't love our place, but I also have no reason to believe they didn't love another one more. So, I'm cautiously optimistic, but still planning an open house in 2 days. It would be amazing not to have to bother, but that's so ideal, it's fairly unrealistic.

PS-Is the top exterior photo better than yesterday's?

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