Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My version of Twitter-Home sale edition

I'm way too boring to actually have or use Twitter for anything.

However, at times like this, there's a lot going on and it changes all the time.

So, our house went up at about 10:15 this morning. At about 10:35, moments after posting the link here and e-mailing it to the fam, I get a call from someone visiting from BC who's buying a house ASAP and wants to see ours today. Wowza---that was quick.

We're not ready to show today, hence the open house on Sunday, but she mentioned near the end that they're very interested and asked if she could leave her name and temporary number so that if we were ready sooner, she and her husband could come by. She said she hoped we wouldn't have to bother with the open house.

Let me just say that again...She said she hoped we wouldn't have to bother with the open house!!!

So, heart a-flutter, I called hubs immediately and he was obviously excited. I asked him if he thought we could be ready for a showing tomorrow night. He said definitely-he was going home tonight and working his tail off.

Yes!!! So I promptly called her back and made arrangements for the showing tomorrow night.

Imagine? Can you just imagine??? *insert daydreaming*

No, no-I can't get ahead of myself. It's only been 2.5 hours. But imagine...

Unfortunately the flip side, is that the houses out there I can find are shit. Truly. I think we're going to have to enlist the help of an agent to find a realistic place. Especially if it happens quickly.

Wish us luck!!!!

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