Monday, July 6, 2009

Goal 4 - check!

I was a bakin' machine this weekend. I don't know what's gotten into me, but the past few weeks I'm loving the baking. I've never been a great cook, so baking's always been my contribution.

Goal # 4 was to make a care basket for hubs' and my good friends. They've gotten a lot of food over the last little while, and though I've given them some too, I thought something sweet might be a nice treat.

Unfortunately my camera's been crap-tastic again and I don't know what to do. Because of this all my photos for the next while will, once again be crapola and my walls will look pink. Gah!

Here's the snack pack, which includes some ah-mazing chocolate chip cookies (I'm complimenting the recipe here, not my abilities), some browines with PB flavoured candy melts melted over top and some candied pecans.

Hubs went over there Saturday morning to help with some installations and he informed me that one of our friends ripped it open and scarfed down a few of the cookies immediately. Good to hear.

It's nice to remember how easy it is to do something so small, but appreciated for special peeps in our lives. Plus it's just daggun fun to bake and decorate a pretty package (wow--that sounds lame even to me).

In addition to those treats, I also re-attempted and was quite successful this time in making Pastor Ryan's Bloomin' Herb Bread, compliments of Pioneer Woman. It was delish...and I'll definitely be trying it again, but cooking it about 2 minutes less and with some different herbs.

And finally for family dinner last night, I was (as usual) charged with bringing desert...I love being a bad cook, I get to bring the fun stuff! I had a mild case of baker's block and I've brought lemon or lime flavoured deserts the last 3 weeks and the recipient of jokes about it. So I decided on a chocolate cake, with a fluffy PB frosting (so simple!-PB, butter, milk & icing sugar) and then melted chocolate drizzle and then PB candy melts (can you tell I just found them this weekend?) drizzled over top. I also brought the leftover baking from the care package so it wouldn't stay in my house and be devoured by yours truly in 2.2.

I realize this doesn't have anything to do with setting up our home, but it does have to do with my monthly goals, which I make myself accountable for by posting here, and the fact that our new home is making me more home-y and encouraging me somehow to do this kind of stuff. Not to mention my insatiable sweet tooth.

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