Monday, July 13, 2009

Sidewalk Rummaging

I'm not ashamed to admit I did it.

OK, that's a lie, I'm a little bit ashamed. But not really.

Hubs and I were dropping my sister off at my parents place Saturday night and their neighbours are moving very soon. As such, they had a pile of stuff on the sidewalk waiting to be scavenged and take to reduce their garbage load this week. We're on a tight budget these days, so thought, "hey! what have we got to lose by taking a peak".

Well there was some half decent stuff there, but not much of it that we needed. But there was a patio table that quite nicely matches our front porch set. So we snagged it.

It's in great shape structurally, and if we wanted to, all it needs for a complete pick-me-up is a good sanding and a coat of stain. Since we have one set of in-laws coming from out of town this weekend, this'll be perfect for lunch or dinner if the weather's warm since it'll be a tight (not to mention impossible) squeeze to fit 4 adults at the bistro table. Perfect timing.

Anyone else have any good finds on a sidewalk? I figure it's just like a garage sale, but even cheaper!

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