Monday, July 6, 2009



It's slowly starting to look like a real house!

Here's what we came home to Tuesday:

(Yeah-I don't get the sign either. I think it was just a place to stash it)

They'd grated and placed our trees! The cedars and maples were pretty easy to distinguish, and the other bushes are asian lilacs (the white flowers)...fantabulous!

Since Wednesday was Canada Day, we completely took for granted that these would stay this way until at least Thursday. However, we woke up Wednesday morning to back hoe noises and a few gents working away in our yard. Thanks guys! After some partying downtown, we came home to this:

Great work guys! They had a much more productive Canada Day than anyone I was with. Hubs and I sat on our rooktop over the porch and enjoyed the local fireworks show and our new less-garbage-y front/side yard.

And then this weekend, we got delish smelling cedar mulch to complete the yard and now it looks like this:

And the overhead view, which I took from that very same fireworks-watching rooftop:
And since I'm spatially challenged, I did up this terrible rendition of the yard:

The 3 dark green circles are the pine trees
The 4 lighter green circles are the maple trees (including the lonely one at the end)
The 7 yellow-y neon circles are the lilacs (hey-it's paint, the colours are minimal)
The coloured sections are the cedar bushes, some flowery bushes and some grasses respectively.

Sorry for the picture overload---we've both been really excited about this progress and Max & Layla have been having a field day exploring their new yard.

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