Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goal 9 - check!

We're having weekend guests next weekend, and late last week I was starting to get anxious about getting ready for them. They're hubs' dad and step-mom, and they haven't seen the house yet although they've been super excited about it since we told them we purchased it. So, I want them to like it and I want them to feel very comfortable and enjoy their stay.

Heck, we've lived here now for over 5 months, so we may as well put some stuff in the main bath and master bath!

So I made a to do list, and on it for Friday night was to hang a few things (party on).

I went ahead and did a bit more than that, and here are the (crap pics thanks to crap-tastic camera again) results:

Main Bathroom:

Hung some nice modern sconces. I've had them a while and really like the, but they're kind of too modern for a lot of the main floor, but I thinkthey're perfect in here.

Master Bathroom:

Hung another sconce as well as pic by the same artist as our family room "eye" pics. I acknowledge that the red candles do nothing for it, but it was a last minute decision and just need to swap 'em for a more neutral colour.

But I also wanted to make the spare bedroom a little more home-y:

So we hung a mirror and some framed Thai batik. I was going to put some scrapbook paper in the frames originally, but when I was looking at our excessive collection of frames and stuff, I noticed them sitting there waiting to be framed and enjoyed. And up they went.

And after way too much Tyra-esque deliberation and a lot of holding and viewing, we decided to put the St Maarten art in the family room, but decided it needed a bit of height to ground it, so moved the vase o' sticks over there as well until we get lamps or some other stuff:

You'll note a couple things.
1-Yes, there are still eyes on the main wall. The plan to add a third pic didn't work out because there were minimal pieces the same size and when I did find one, learned photoshop and went to frame the doctored image, I realized that the new mat was ivory and the ones we had were white. It just didn't work.
2-My walls are not pink. I have to keep my camera on the colour swap setting for it to work and it makes all the colours wonky. They're a beige-y taupe. Trust.

With the St Maarten picture in place, my other 2 important pieces needed a good place, and the original plan for the SXM piece was a perfect fit. So I hung this piece

(my fave of the foursome) at the top of the stairs:

Where you can see it from the entrance, stairs and hallway.

And I hung this piece:
On the wall heading back down the staircase:
And the 2 smaller prints in the upstairs hallway like this:

They're all Aboriginal Australian dot (re)prints that I bought when I lived in Sydney for 6 months. I wish I had many more and I wish I had some that coordinated a bit better (gave all the neutral ones to mom).

Overall, hubs and I are both happy with the way things are starting to look and I seriously wonder why we didn't do this 5 months ago? Lazy arses.

I'd still like to hang the art in the dining room and some in our bedroom too. And...in the long wall in the entry way, but I need to first decide what I'm putting there in way of storage, seating, etc etc. Indecision and setting up a home are not a good combination.

You likey? Please tell me we're not the only ones who wait so long to put stuff up...

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  1. we still have yet to hang sonces up I bought over three months ago. in fact, I totally forgot about them. haha... I am definitely going to go home tonight to put them up .