Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's your decorating style?

On the quiz bandwagon again...this time with another Style at Home quiz, "What's your decorating style?"

Urban Sophisticate ----- You love design for its own sake, and you know what you're doing. Let your parents have the stuffy old-fashioned stuff; you live for the new and exciting. Yet you know that "modern" doesn't just mean trendy, here today and gone tomorrow -- classic design is timeless. Even so, don't be too rigid about snubbing the past; don't forget, one day Karim Rashid will be considered quaint, too.

Really? Are you sure?

Style at Home, you know I love you, but I have to disagree for this one. Considering most of my inspiration pics are versions of these:
I don't think I'd use Urban Sophisticate to describe my style. Regardless, a fun time-waster and an excuse to look through gorgeous inspiration pics.

What's your decorating style?

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