Monday, July 13, 2009

Like a good neighbour

Hubs decided to finally mow the lawn last week. It was new sod, so we had to wait awhile, but it was looking nice and plush and very very welcome, so he gave it a quick snip.

Since we have no side fence yet, and we've got a decent "how's it going" kind of relationship with our next door neighbours, he continued the snippin' and did their back yard too. Plus, he's a nice guy. He didn't think anything of it, but was glad he did.

So yesterday while napping after a day of torrential downpour beach volleyball tournament, I heard a knock on the door. It was our neighbour dropping off cupcakes as a thank-you for mowing their lawn. I was floored-it was so thoughtful and sweet...not to mention delicious!
I guess she runs a cupcakery shop out of their house, The flour shoppe.
And her stuff looks amazing! I want to have a party or shower or something just so I can order some. But you know I wasn't just going to leave them for hubs to enjoy since he did the favour, right. Snort, don't be ridiculous. Besides, I'm the sweet tooth of the family!

So I dug into one of the white topping ones:

And it didn't stand a chance. Flippin' delish, cute and oh so thoughtful!

Thanks Melissa, and if anyone's in Ottawa, I do not hesitate to vouch for an amazing taste to these treats.

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