Monday, April 27, 2009

Porch Party Part Uno

I did manage to do a mini-version of an outdoor update on our front porch this weekend.

I stopped at Ikea on my way home Friday and picked up a bistro table and chairs:
Although they don't look it, that table and chairs do match almost exactly. They're from 2 different sets, but the chairs that match the table were really kinda small in person and I'm 6' tall to my husbands 6'3", so we needed a bit of a bigger chair. These ones were a bit more expensive, but totally worth it.

I also picked up 4 of these:
But they weren't hung yet until we decide where they'll go. They were a bargoon though, $4.99 for 2.

I also looked at the rattan arm chairs, but the colour was a lot lighter than the website images, and they were more expensive, so I decided to wait and try to find something else.

I also had a planting tutorial with my mom yesterday (since I've never had a garden and have a borderline black thumb), and planted in some pots I had previously painted using a half-assed version of John & Sherry's pot painting tutorial. I followed most of it, but just used acrylic craft paint I had here and sealed that with the same water seal...we'll see how it goes.

So here's what it looked like yesterday evening once I remembered to take some photos:

Which, admittedly doesn't look a whole lot different that a week ago, but it really does feel different. We had both breakfast and lunch out there on Saturday, enjoying the 20+ degree weather and it was fantastic. I could've spent all day out there.

I didn't realize how dwarfed the planters would look, so I'll need to do something about that, but in the meantime I think I'll wait to see if I can keep these ones alive for at least a couple days.

So still to do out there,
  • Get some thinner cushions for the bistro chairs
  • Get some sort of arm chairs
  • Hang tealights
  • Window boxes/Hanging plants once I acquire some gardening skills and the weather is more reliable.
  • Sit and wait for our sod to be laid so it doesn't look like we're in a dilapidated construction zone.
It's another 25+ degree day today, so I'm looking forward to another meal out on our porch tonight.

Any tips on how else to inexpensively make the space better?

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