Tuesday, March 24, 2009

St Maarten print

At the end of February, hubs and I went to visit my sister and brother in law in St Maarten. Yep-the one in the Caribbean...where they live!

Anyways, we'd just moved into our new place a couple weeks before, so when sis and I went to the market, I was definitely looking for something that could help us personalize and decorate the space.
I found this painting that I loved:

We still had a gift certificate from a local framing store, Malen Framing from our wedding, which we'd been saving for a piece of art or special framing project in our new house. (Despite only moving in in Jan 09, our house was purchased less than 3 months after our wedding).

So I decided this would be the special framing project. I went in a couple weekends ago and went through the process with a wonderful man at Malen. I had no idea what to expect-I'm a 27 year old cheapskate, so I've never done customized framing before. He was great though, and more or less walked me through the process. I'll admit-I was fully expecting it to be absurdly expensive, and although it was more expensive than what I'd typically do, it wasn't near as much as I thought. And the end product is fantastic:

The sales associate and I went through a few different selections from the loads of selection they have of frames and I decided on this one in the end. Of course, the most expensive of the 3 I'd narrowed it down to. Typical.

Anyways, I was still able to get new glass for a frame hubs had stepped on a couple years ago and broke and we've never replaced and have our favourite wedding photo framed.

Now we need to decide where to put this piece of art. Initially, I'd pictured it at the top of our staircase, which is visible pretty much as soon as you walk into the house. Unfortunately, due to annoying light switches, the painting wouldn't be able to be centered, so that won't work. There are plenty other places for it to go, but I'd like it to be fairly high profile and make a bit of an impact, so we'll have to play around with it.

I'll obviously keep the blog posted :)

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