Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The trees have eyes

There was another big (to us) milestone at the house this past weekend.

We FINALLY put up some art in our family room. And wow-does it ever make a difference.

Here's the family room more or less how it'd been basically for 3 months:

There's been a few changes, but that's basically been it. Exciting, right? Yeah, I don't think so either.

So at HomeSense (aka-my home away from home) I finally found some pictures that hubs and I would both love and that were a good size for the wall over the couch. They could have a bit more colour in them, but this leaves us open to accessorize however we'd like.

These are the 2 prints I chose. They're limited edition prints from a Canadian photographer and they were only $49 each. I probably couldn't even buy 1 of those frames empty for $50 so the fact that they have an image in them that we both really like is pretty much icing on the cake.(Usual crappy camera disclaimer. I need to get it repaired)'s my issue with them. It feels like that wall is a face and the 2 frames are a pair of eyes with glasses. Stop laughing, look at it again and tell me you don't see the same thing. Hubs laughed when I first said it, but now agrees that there's something odd about the arrangement.

So when I went back Sunday (NOT for the owl lamp the 3rd pic was my real reason for going), I searched and searched for a matching picture that I liked. Nothing.

There were plenty of her photographs that I liked, but none in these same large scale black frames. 2 I would have picked up in a dark brown matching frame though. So I finally decided that I should just grab one with the same frame and we could put in our own image. After searching the artist (Alicia Souve) there weren't any readily available, so I bought a stock photo that more or less matched and have been trying to work my way through photoshop to get it to co-ordinate. Here's what I've done:

I took this picture:And turned it into this:What do you think? I gotta admit, I'm pretty darn impressed with it. You can't tell in the photo of the real ones above, but there's the 2 shades of grey in the background and the bizarre shadow all the way around the image. I even measured this morning how big each rectangle needed to be and matched it up in Photoshop. For a self taught, self-proclaimed photoshop idiot, I think I dinked my way around it fairly well.

So now I have to print it on large paper and replace the current photo in the 3rd image. But it's the paper-backed, gallery style mount...I'm worried there's going to be some nasty surprise waiting for us when we try to remove it. PLUS the photo I bought happened to be a landscape image, so the mounting hardware needs to be moved too. Hmmm--maybe this project isn't as simple as I'd thought.

Any tips or advice on how to change photos in those kinds of frames? Or thoughts on how I did on the photoshop experiment?

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