Monday, August 31, 2009

August Goals - Judgement Day

Wait a second--August's over...ALREADY?!?! That's totally insane and I feel soooo old, but I feel like I blinked and it was over. C-razy.

Because of that and a fairly busy month that made it seem even quicker, I just don't think many goals will be met this month. Let's see:

  1. Send cards for every birthday & event Yay! At least one goal is met. I got my parents anniversary and all the birthdays, one that even required a little street stalking since I didn't know my friends exact mailing address.
  2. Have a real date night with hubs Just in the nick of time. We've had a bit more us time lately and Friday night we went on a real date.
  3. Ugh-Organize the basement Mostly complete. I made a huge dent in this goal over the month, and actually plan to finish it tonight. If I do (ha!) it'll be officially completed.
  4. Seriously! Work on Bedroom drapes Yay again! Despite a little hiccup, I've since hemmed and ironed the drapes and moved them to fill out the rods a little more. Now genuinely think they look great. And make SUCH a difference.
  5. Get creative with my birthday parteh As I've mentioned, I've already counted this goal as completed. The party was a success and there were definitely creative components.
  6. Look for new desk for office Failed. Totally wasn't a priority this month.
  7. Art for Front entrance...a little DIY Ditto.
  8. Hit up at least 1 antique store Just couldn't swing it. Although I found out a friend likes to hit up auctions, so...I'm very excited about that option.
  9. Enjoy cake decorating classes (they start tomorrow!) Definitely met this goal. As discussed here, here, here, here , here and here. (Wow-I apologize for the cake infestation this month)
  10. Enjoy summer and stop stressing about the house Partially completed. I definitely have been enjoying the summer thanks to a few nice days and weekends (finally!), and I certainly haven't been stressing about the house on a day-to-day level. However, our recent decision to sell has definitely caused excessive thinking, and, I'll admit it, a good dose of stressing.

Well, alright! I guess I did much better than I'd anticipated. I guess I did make it pretty easy on myself. But for the last month of summer, I think that's more than fine with me.

How'd you do?

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