Thursday, August 27, 2009

The finals are over

Cake lessons course 1 are officially over. Last night was our 4th and final class and we learned how to 'master' the Wilton rose...WAAAY easier than it seems, and even than the course implies.

So last night we learned leaves, ribbons and the remainder of the rose. Then we went to town on our final cake. You were given 2 options. The one I chose was to look something like this:
Or, the ridiculously perfect one from the course 1 cover:I liked the purple I'd used for the birthday party cakes & cupcakes, so I decided to go purple again. Plus, we had to make the little border flowers a few days in advance so they could set and I still had some icing leftover, so it worked out nicely. And here's my cake:

Unfortunately, the cake carrying case I got for the course, although multi-purpose, is a little shallow. So when I went to put the lid on to leave class, it smushed the top rose.
Whon Whon. But I made a few extra roses, so if I cared, I could swap it out for a new, un-smushed one. I haven't yet decided if I care or if hubs and I are going to be the ones eating it. Overall, I'm pretty pleased and had a great time in the course. We even signed up for level 2, which doesn't start until November.

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