Friday, August 7, 2009

It's starting...

Yeah, I'm officially obsessed with the cake decorating lessons. I can't even pretend I'm not.

Last night my sister and I met up now that we were armed with our 40% off Michael's coupons courtesy of flyer land. (As an aisde, how was I not aware of this site's existence until Wednesday night??? This could have come in handy when I was planning an entirely DIY wedding).

So with the class receipt, you get 10% off all Wilton products. This is great, but some of the stuff is just darn expensive, so I'll need to make a couple trips with the larger coupons. So here's what I got on trip #1: Which is more or less the basics.

I got the 50-pc tool caddy set (which replaces the course 1 kit for more or less the same price with the coupon) where I got a whack of stuff all handy in a little caboodle. I liked the idea of the case and I thought the 101 piece larger kit was a bit overkill for my aspirations. I'm interested, yeah, but I still haven't started and I'm not going to make a career out of it or anything.

I also got some meringue powder for the buttercream as well as some butter and vanilla flavouring. I need to hit up some grocery stores to find some clear lemon flavouring...yum!

I still have to decide what I'm going to decorate on my first cake next week though, and our options are:
1-character cake (i.e. shaped pan and lots of those star dollop things)
2-rainbow cake (round cake with a template painted on of a rainbow)
3-cookie cutter cake (instructor's option-choose a cookie cutter to use as the template and then star dollop the shape)

I'm thinking of option 3 as it requires fewer purchases and could be more personalized and less childish. I'm also thinking of making it a quasi-black forest cake. OMG--delicious!

Has anyone else taken these classes? Any tips, tricks or ideas I should know about? Or online sources for cheaper goods?

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