Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is why they scare children...

3rd cake class was last night. It was clown night. Unfortunately, when I went to Michael's 40 minutes early to peruse the aisles and pick up clown heads, they'd cleared out their cake section. So there were no heads. There wasn't anything really, it was frankly quite annoying. So, I wasn't going to do the clowns, but instead work on roses and drop flowers.

But, I didn't want to be the a-hole student that did their own thing while the instructor was going around helping everyone else with the lesson (don't you hate those people). So I made them.

They actually weren't too bad. With the multi-coloured icing, it made it significantly more interesting than dumping a load of icing roughly in the shape of a body. Actually, the multi-coloured icing was pretty neat. You use the food colouring to paint each colour thickly on each third of the bag. Then you have to manage to drop a whack of icing into the bag without squeezing it (definitely makes you feel like a bit of a tool). Then squirt the icing and the multi colours come out. You can see in the above clown...the one at about 9:00...that the colours were really vibrant there. That was my second practice clown we made on the practice board.

My options were to either transplant him and his practice friend or eat them then and there. I'll be honest, I considered both options at length. In the end, there were strangers around and I thought it might be embarassing to wolf down a good 1/2 cup of icing in no time. So I transplanted them, which is why the cake's a little full of clowns.

Personally I like the little guys hanging off the side. A little less weird.

Until I'm reminded that THEY HAVE NO HEADS! How am I supposed to give a cake to anyone when it's (a) full of clowns, and (b) the clowns are headless?

Fortunately, I didn't have to ponder that for very long...

Hubs to the rescue! Those clowns'll be gone in no time.
Really though, last night we learned how to do that shell border, several drop flowers and some figure piping (which is pretty much making dots). It was a good class and I'm excited to make the final cake next week!

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