Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cake Numero Uno

I realize I've been departing from the theme of setting up my home fairly regularly lately. However, I'm just so caught up in the cake classes as well as a case of I-don't-wanna-do-any-work-at-home-because-it's-summer-and-I'd-rather-enjoy-it-and-do-nothing syndrome. It's quite serious actually, may require medical attention.

With that said, technically this hobby requires my kitchen. And technically it encourages creativity (or will) that I'll hopefully be able to transfer into more home-related projects in a few weeks/months.

But really, I just want to post about my cake, ok?

So last night was Level 1 Class 2. We had to prepare a cake and have it flat iced for class. We also had to bring a whack 0f medium icing so we could practive those star things, lines, borders, writing and getting started on roses.

Turns out, they're actually really easy to do once you're told what to do (as most things are), but it just gets really, really tiring for your hand. No, I'm serious, and I'm not being a wussy-it's hard work and I'm pretty sure I went to bed with my hand in fits of repetitive stress something-or-other. In the end though, I managed to finish my cake in class, which I really wanted to do:
It's totally girly and juvenile, but meh. You don't have much choice at this point. Our options were to make a rainbow cake, a character cake, or bring a cookie cutter and use that as the shape. Fairly limiting to how modern and cool you could make a cake. For me, anyway.
In the end I quite like it though. Considering I made it and it looks pretty darn good. There's even space to write something if I choose to.

But get this: next week we're doing clowns! Yep-ones like these:
Which, I realize is part of the course curriculum, and perhaps one day I'll need to make a clown cake for my or someone else's child. At this point, though, I'd rather learn how to make more practical designs. Aren't most kids scared of clowns anyways?

Oh well, it'll be more practice and get my hands numb again to get used to the pain.

I actually can't wait. I may practice some more before then...especially on the first stage of the Wilton rose: the turd base as I lovingly refer to it.

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  1. I'm so jealous of your classes! I love cake decorating, but I must say those clowns are a little creepy :).