Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Obsession: my cake classes

So, I think it's safe to say that August goal # 9 will NOT be a problem.

We had our first cake decorating class last night at Michael's and the instructor was extremely sucessful in achieving her goal for class 1: to inspire us to want to go home that night and bake & decorate a cake. Mission accomplished for at least myself and my sister & brother's GF.

We got our books, learned the recipe for their buttercream icing, and how to ice our cake for next week (dirty ice it if you're the Cake boss, crumb ice it if you're Wilton). Then she gave us a teaser of some of the things we'll learn in the next 3 weeks and then gave a quick tour of the cake section as well as what we'll need for this class.

She offered to let us taste the icing-only me and 1 other person went for it. Weirdos! It was delicious, so I'm excited, but my waistline is quivering for what's to come in the next month.

My sister's already created a spreadsheet of all the items she'd like to purchase for the class. Some of them are necessary, some aren't, but all are helpful. And I'm pretty much in complete agreement with her list (with 1 exception).

Her list:
-course kit (agreed, but I think I'm going to get the 50-pc caddy instead)
-bake even strips (the exception, I just don't really care if there's a bump-I'll just cut it off)
-coloring (included in the 50-pc kit)
-meringue powder
-baking pan (I already have several, but may spring for a new one)
-spatula (that angled one looks too perfect to pass up)
-easy release goop (or spray) (meh-we'll see)
-footed plate with lid (this will be the turntable to make icing it that much easier. If there's one available with a lid so it doubles as a carrying case, that's wonderful)

My additions:
-flavouring (some included in the 50-pc kit, but I'd like to find lemon)
-slicer-saw thing. (this guy)
And then hopefully (although doubtfully), I'll be able to make these in no time:

OK, I started getting a little overboard saving inspiration photos considering I've never even decorated a single cake (well, not well anyways), and clearly I need to take the fondant class.
Can't wait to try it all out!

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