Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Decisions Part Deux

I am having a MUCH more oprimistic week so far regarding our recent-ish decision to move.

Hubs and I both know the decision's a good one-better for us, a great way to make some quick money, and necessary to keep us on the right track to building capital. But that doesn't mean it's easy!

We love our house. Sitting in the family room watching some TV, I see the fireplace I painted (oh my-I forgot what a difference it made!), the potlights hubs installed, and all the other little bits and pieces that make it what we made it, and I'm melancholy.

Combine that with the complete and total lack of inventory, especially that we would like, and we begin to doubt what's going to happen once we make the bucks. Afterall, there's less point in making the money, if we're then just going to get another expensive house and blow all the profit on interest. It's still money, yes, but our goal is to keep it growing.

However, yesterday---I must have had a birthday light bulb. Either that, or I really am getting wiser as I get older-ha!

So, where I've been searching MLS and grapeving using our ideal price range, as you can tell, we've been finding nothing. Run down town homes, condos, complete fixer-uppers and everything in between. There's nothing wrong with any of those options if that's what someone's looking for, but for us, for now-we're trying to steer clear of total fixers, and we're done with our condo days.

Then--I thought "Well, I could expand our range by a few grand and allow room to negotiate in there!". And, voila! Seriously, some of these places that are INFINETELY better than what we were gearing up to have to consider were less than $5,000 away from our original cap.

So now, when I go home and hubs and I check out any new additions I've made that day to our list, it's with a bit of excitement rather than dread. It now looks like we can still use the profit wisely, and not have to totally settle on a place. In fact, with the money we'll (hopefully) be making, we could do some renos and come out with even nicer places, with actual yards (a couple even with pools...nice pools).

We've definitely had to make some choices and think about our plans a bit more concretely than one normally would, but I don't think that's a bad thing. And it's very nice, and very comforting to know that hubs and I are totally on the same page. (It doesn't hurt that with a cheaper house, he'll probably be able to afford a truck he's been pining after like me for Becks).

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