Monday, August 24, 2009

Rugs & Pots

As I mentioned last week, hubs and I finally got to work on a few things that could have been done a looong time ago. I guess the incentive of 2 weeks until we list our home is a good one for a kick in the bootay.

Hubs installed pot lights in the family room, and we finally picked out an area rug for the same room. Yay! I've only been waiting for the area rug since we first layed the hard wood..approximately 6+ months ago:

I love them much! I think the rug makes such a difference, and it's true what everyone says when they're talking designer-speak; it really does ground the seating area in the family room. (Plus it doesn't show every flippin' speck of dust and cat hair that inevitably ends up under that table!).

One of the benefits, for us at least, of buying new construction, is that hubs can sneak into the house while it's mid-construction and run wires for future electrical projects. Having an electrician for a husband is really pretty handy. So this is what he did-for the dining room, the kitchen, and now the family room too.

He put 4 regular sized pot lights in the corners of the room and 2 smaller, more gallery-esque pot lights above the fireplace to kind of showcase it a bit. These 2 smaller ones are also tilt-able, so they don't have to showcase the mantle if we don't want it to (but why wouldn't we? It looks awesome!).
Naturally, they make the room SO much brighter. But not in an annoying way-it's just very nice. And the 2 over the fireplace really do make it seem showcase-y, or, dare I say-model home-esque.

W're both really happy with this progress and there were a number of compliments on them at our party on Saturday night, so I know hubs is feeling quite proud of his work.
In somewhat related news, a home similar to ours was sold this weekend-very shortly after being listed. And it was listed at $30K more than we're planning on listing ours...this is very comforting news...

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