Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August Goals

Here they are:
  1. Send cards for every birthday & event
  2. Have a real date night with hubs
  3. Ugh-Organize the basement
  4. Seriously! Work on Bedroom drapes
  5. Get creative with my birthday parteh
  6. Look for new desk for office
  7. Art for Front entrance...a little DIY
  8. Hit up at least 1 antique store
  9. Enjoy cake decorating classes (they start tomorrow!)
  10. Enjoy summer and stop stressing about the house!

Clearly, the main goal is the basement, which is a disaster. So I'll be focusing on that and trying not to take on too much so that I actually have a hope of completing it. Otherwise, I think I'm taking it pretty easy on myself. But so what?

Good luck to anyone with their own August goals!!

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