Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Closet Talk

OK, so it's note really closet talk. More accurately, shoe talk.

However, I needed a distraction from the barren land that is house listings and I'm a girl. Henceforth-shoes cheer me up. Plus, as seasons begin to change (I'm sorry-I prefer summer too, but it's a fact), I know I'm not alone in the increasing itch to shop.

Alas, I hit up my favourite cheap shoe shops:
Payless Shoes
Joe Fresh
Globo Shoes
Cutesy Girl Shoes (I apologize for the name, they do have some cute stuff though)
Spring (formerly Transit)

And..despite lots of drool-worthy shoes/sandals/boots, only 2 of the above managed to get their own board:

Payless Shoes and Cutesy Girl Shoes (again, despite the name) were the only 2 places where I considered making a purchase (...or two...or seven). That very first shoe; the purple ruffled peep toe-that started it all off. Yes Please!

And so that it's at least a little bit 'setting up home' related, here are a few pretty sweet closets (which are surprisingly hard to find inspiration pics for online):

And, if you much know...had hubs and I made our current home our forever home, the closet would have looked something like this (sorry it's so small):

With lots of space for shoes, bags, and everything else in there. Ah day!

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