Monday, April 27, 2009

More pot lights

Friday I came home to another of my husbands' "Surprises":

Kitchen pot lights.
Here's our kitchen pre-Friday:And you can't see it, but behind that hanging light is a former-boob light, which exploded a few weeks ago and has since been 2 bare bulbs. I'm sure you can imagine how stunning it was.

And here's the kitchen now (please keep in mind that my camera's still being a rebellious teenager, and that's why there's some strange shots-I'm not trying to be artistic):

I can't even explain what a difference they make to lighting up the counter. Where there were just shadows before in the corners where I'd be cutting veggies and what not, there's now actual light. It's fantastic.

Had we done this through the builder, it would have cost us $251 PER potlight, or $1,506 total!!! Isn't that crazy?!?!

So, for the $18 per that hubs paid for them through his boss, and an hour of his time, we have saved ourselves $1,398 and probably got better lights too. Sometimes I forget what a perk it is for hubs to be an electrician who loves what he does.

How did it only take him an hour you ask? Excellent question.
1-When the house was under construction, hubs went in with a drill, measuring tape and string while I stood guard in the driveway with pre-determined warning codes.

Having already determind the layout for the future potlights, he laid the groundwork and took some measurements so that he'd know exactly where to cut the drywall once the house was finished (i.e. Friday afternoon).

Because he'd drilled holes in the studs during operation pot light prep, he didn't have to fuss around and have to do extra drywall repair.

And because he'd run the thin string through the holes during the same operation, he just had to basically use that to run the wire and save himself the headache of making sure it went to the right places.

2-He does this for a living and he could probably have done it in his sleep.
He's done the same thing in the family room, so one of these days the lighting in there will become pot lights as well.

Of course, it bears repeating that he's a licensed, experienced electrician, so this was both safe and possible. I wouldn't even think of attempting it if he weren't, so please be careful.

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