Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Big Move-the Sequel

Sometimes it seems like hubs and I have made a career out of moving. This time we promised each other that we'd at least see an entire holiday season through before moving again. Phewf!

However, this weekend was indeed packed with moving. But now we're in and I'm so happy we are.

The actual moving began Tuesday night, when hubs picked up the moving truck we'd arranged. Unfortunately (kink alert!) it was way too big for our street and never would have fit on our driveway without blocking the whole roundabout. So...we had to downsize which meant more trips.

So we (I use 'we' very loosely since both hubs and my dad kept yelling at me that I shouldn't be helping. I'm pregnant...not decrepit! So I carried a couple light boxes and moved some stuff around aimlessly so he could load the real boxes) packed up all the boxes we had packed-about 45 large boxes and 20 smaller ones and drove them over to my parents house. Their house is about 3 blocks from our new house, so it seemed the most efficient destination.

Then Wednesday's snow storm hit, and that was a treat. But my older sis and her husband came over that evening and helped with some bins and a bunch of the larger furniture. They were a HUGE help and played a mean game of tetris getting so much stuff onto the truck.

Thursday we had FIL come over with his work van to load up all the garage stuff (work bench, tools, etc) and it was PACKED! Also that night, a friend come by and help with even more big stuff (a move really makes you realize how much crap you have) like the piano, cube freezer and other similar things.

After that, we realized that there's still WAY too much stuff, so MIL was going to pick up yet another cube van Friday morning for whatever's left over. (Other than what hubs and I could jam into our own cars). Had some alcohol-free champagne, which is SO not the same and conked out.

Then Friday we were up at the crack of dawn for our lawyer's meeting, brekkie and some more loading & cleaning with the help of my dad and MIL (standard moving day help).

Loaded up and went to hang out at my parents so I could let Max & Layla out of their cages, because, well--don't they just look miserable? They sure sounded miserable with the crying and hissing.

So killed a couple hours and then got the keys around 4:00.

With LOADS of help from friends and family, we managed to unload everything except FIL's van that was getting dropped off Saturday. I can't believe how much help we had (and how much I was shooed).

And now we're IN!!! There's SO much work to do, but we're both so excited about it.

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