Monday, December 14, 2009

First bit of Christmas for us

By now, we should be all moved in and starting to unpack.

However, with all the business and, yes, more lists that need crossing off, naturally I'm not going to be online today. I did plan ahead though and actually scheduled some posts---imagine that!

As I've mentioned before-I love Christmas. I mean, obviously most people love the holidays, but hubs has needed to set a limit of December 1st for when I can start decorating and start blaring my Christmas tunes. Sadly, for the past 2 years because of moving, this hasn't been necessary.

Last year we were moving in January, so there were very few decorations around our house and many boxes and bins in their place. This year, we'll be moving in 2 weeks before Christmas and re-doing all the flooring over the holidays-so it doesn't make sense to have more than the odd few decorations out when we'll just have to box 'em back up & move them 5 minutes later.

However, it does still feels like Christmas and I made sure that before I packed up my 6 boxes (yes-6 boxes) of craft-related paraphenalia, I got my Christmas cards made.

And I succeeded, and I think they're my best ones yet.
Here are some of the one-offs I made using stickers, stamps, ribbons, brads and decorative paper:

And some of the mass-produced ones I made with more stamps, ribbons, decorative paper and even a bit of embossing powder:

I actually started by making only one of these, but I liked them so much I mass-produced them, and you can't really tell in the pics, but the 'Happy Holidays' greeting is embossed using, what I affectionately call my crafting dildo. I'm sorry, but really? Have you seen an embossing gun? Tell me you can't see it.

ANYways...after making and liking those ones so much I also tried with a different scheme. I'm not sure which I like best:

By now they're hopefully all mailed out and on their way to my friends and family.

The kink in my seemingly well laid plans though (there's always a damn kink) is that I was 2 short. I counted and counted and counted before I packed everything away, and last Monday when I sat down to start writing them I realized I'd somehow forgotten 2 addresses they'd need to go to. So those 2 will have to be made stat and mailed right away.

Hope you're all feeling the Christmas spirit!

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