Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Dance

We got it! We got it! We got it!

Yay-we got the house!!! Late last night after some tough negotiations and some frustration presumably on both, but certainly on our side, the deal was done baby! [exhale]

I'm so pleased and relieved and annoyingly happy today I don't know what to do with myself!

Here's how it played out using pretend numbers(as if you care):

Wed. Nov 25:
Went to see 3 listings, our new home was one of them listed at $274,900 (ok-this number isn't pretend, but I'd already included the MLS link)
It was the only one to date that stuck in our head once we left the door
Thurs. Nov 26:
Decide to make a low offer looking for our very quick closing date
Meet with agent and sign up the offer
Fri. Nov 27:
Seller counters price and a closing of 5 weeks later
We go see another house that I quite like
We counter splitting the difference in price keep the Dec 11 closing
Seller counters price but succumbs to our Dec 11 closing
We ask if we can see the property again before making a decision
Sat. Nov 28:
Visit the property with my pops and our agent
Despite a lot of work that needs to be done and an obvious lie in the listing, we decide to split the difference and counter that
Seller is petty and counters the price once again
We agree to accept because it's only a matter of pennies on the mortgage at this point.
Sun. Nov 29:
Sign papers and offer is done-conditional on an inspection
Visit Home Depot and see bargain on new washer & dryer and snag 'em for delivery at our new house
Schedule inspection for Monday afternoon/evening
Mon. Nov 30:
Inspection is basically the pits. There's a lot of work to be done-most of which we knew about, but some of which is new or more immediate/important/severe than we's anticipated.
We're really discouraged, as seen in an earlier post, but decide to basically counter our very original offer.
Tues/Wed Dec 1 (it kind of gets muddled):
Seller counters price
We split the difference and counter that
Seller is petty once again and counters a stupid amount
We fret
We're about to walk, but decide to counter once again, but before we do, our agent speaks to their agent and together decide a price that might be agreeable to both parties. Fine-we offer that.
They accept!
We all dance for joy!
I exhale for the first time in 4 days!

OK, I realize that's annoying to read if you're not me or hubs (well, even if you are it's pretty dry and annoying), but the most important part is....WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!! It's a house we are going to love, a house that is going to need quite a bit of work, money and TLC, and a house that took a lot of stress to get. But it's ours.

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