Friday, December 4, 2009

November Goals-Judgement Day

Holy poop! In all this frustration and excitement, I forgot we've changed months!

Normally hubs has to physically restrain me from putting up Chrismas decorations and blastinc NSync Christmas until December 1st...but not this year. Yikes!

Here we go, I anticipate crummy results:

1. Send cards Completed
2. Have a real date night with hubs Completed
3. Sell House Completed!!!!
4. Buy House Completed!!!! (come on! It counts as November!)
5. Start Christmas shopping Partially completed
6. Meal plan each week Hahaha---not even once
7. Sew something-anything Not completed
8. Try making a stew Not completed
9. Try 1 new recipe Completed-the week I was off sick I tried 2!
10. Have people over for dinner at least once Not completed

Overall, I'd say I broke even. Meh---with #3 & 4 crossed off-I couldn't care less.

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