Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I wish I'd picked it up...

I'm sure no one remembers, so I'll remind you.

Back in May when I was still very much in shopping mode for our then-new home. Although-I don't know if I ever really leave shopping mode for anything, but that's besides the point.

ANYways, during one of my spring time jaunts to HomeSense, I came across the cutest lamp I'd ever seen. (You may remember the post here) Isn't it adorable? Seriously-I still love it. I know, I know-those in the design-know blah blah blah probably say that the owl trend has passed or whatever, but I can't help but love it-design trend past, present OR future.

At the time (May 2 specifically) I really REALLY wanted it and even called hubs from the store to ask if he thought I should/could get it. You see-it's not really a lamp that we'd have in our family room or anything, so it's purpose would be saved for a future nursery, and it didn't make sense to buy a lamp we'd (God-willing) be using in who knows how long.

So-that time is now. Yep---one of the driving forces for our sell/purchase/move is to make some changes for the upcoming babe. I'm 6 months pregnant and due March 6, 2010...so less that 3 months to go!!!!!!

And I'm SO excited to get into our new house so I can get started on creating the nursery for our gender neutral design (baby's gender is and will remain a surprise until we hear it from the doc after delivery).

So-be forewarned, not that the cat's out of the bag in my blog land, expect way too many baby & nursery-centric posts.


  1. I don't know what's more surprising, that there was an "owl trend", or that it's over already.

  2. Oh come on Pete, didn't you read it in your daily design trend reads? Sheesh!