Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let the renovations begin!

Hubs and I have never really been the patient kind. I mean, we are in life, but not really when it comes to stuff we want or want done.

Enter fixer-upper home. Project for the renovation eager!

We closed on Friday.

First thing Saturday morning, we had new laundry appliances delivered and replaced those because really...these are what were there: (and yes, we picked up a new laundry tub too):We also had carpet installers in to measure where we're replacing all the carpet (to be clear--it's ALL getting ripped up, but only the stairs and top floor are getting carpet again. The rest will be hardwood or ceramic).

Hubs also went to town with his saws-all cutting out the existing banisters. They were going to get replaced anyways, and this is just easier for carpet installation and they weren't up to code in regards to the distance between them, so with a bambino on the way-better to get 'em safe.

We also picked up a truckload of hardwood that'll be installed in the next 2 weeks.

Then-on Sunday hubs, my brother and his GF went to town ripping up the top floor carpet in anticipation of Monday's install.

Yep-on Monday we had the carpet guys in to install the new delicious carpeting!

A reminder of what was there Friday:

(In our squatter bedroom-no point in moving the furniture in just to move it back out the next day)And the post-demo (which could NOT have happened without the help of my bro, his GF and my dad):

Cozy bedrooms, non?And the demo carnage:

And finally after 1 guy worked non-stop from 8-1:30 to create (seriously, he worked so damn hard):

And yes-you'll notice the squatter's moved down to the family room for Sunday night to account for the plywood floors and not wanting to move anything else again first thing Monday am. Fortunately, by mid-afternoon, our room looked like this and was just calling for us to squat there again:

Which we did not do. Instead, we actually moved real furniture in! What a novel idea...and it was SOOO nice to sleep in a real bed again last night:

And here's the best I could do for a close-up of the berber we chose. It goes so well with the hardwood we're installing (which happens to be the exact same wood we installed in our last place)Which Max really seems to enjoy.

It's so nice to have part 1 done. Now at least in the upstairs we can actually move in. And with the hardwood being installed in the next couple weeks while hubs is off for Christmas vacation (heh-some vacation), soon enough we'll be able to be actually moved in.

Can't wait!

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