Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Family Room

Since I didn't get around to taking it once the hardwood was actually complete and furniture moved in, here's a quick shot I snapped this morning of the completed family room.

We (I) quickly added some Christmas decorations so that it'd feel a bit like home on Christmas morning. It somehoe manages to be half-assed AND over the top at the same time.

Oh well, it's Christmas and we only decorated 1 room amid lots of construction and moving, so naturally it's going to be a bit off.
Here's the view from the upstairs perch:

From the acutal stairs coming into the room:

And of the other side of the room:

I actually really love it. It's SUCH a different room from when we viewed and bought the house, it's ridiculous. And yes, it's a bit messy in the pics, but it's a bit messy most of the time, so there you go.

And also yes, that's a pot at the foot of the red chair-we came back from visiting family to a lovely little leak on the floor. Merry Christmas new homeowner's! It hasn't leaked since and we had someone by to look at it yesterday and it's most likely all fixed now that he's caulked the poop out of it. But we're advised to keep the decorative floor pot there until there's a nice sunny day to melt the snow just to make sure. Nice, huh?

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