Monday, December 21, 2009

Hardwood Part 1 complete

Wow--a HUGE transformation took place at our new home over the weekend. And I LOVE it!

Hubs worked him little buns off to get the family room flooring done this weekend to give himself a head start for Christmas holiday project-and he did great!

First, a reminder of what we purchased with the home:

And the already dramatic difference that ripping up and replacing the upstairs & stairs carpeting did:

And then after that nasty blue carpet was ripped up (and watching our new favourite show The Sing Off):

Hubs started on Friday, so here are some mid-way pics taken Saturday am:

And the beautiful, SO much better final product (at dusk on Saturday, so lighting's wonky):

And yesterday we had some helpers with us to move our family room furniture in and I got my butt in gear getting some Christmas decorations up so that we'll at least have 1 room that's festive to wake up to on Friday. I haven't had a chance to snap pics of that yet, but I just had to post the progress.

Now we're only missing a bit of moulding, some banisters and then this room's flooring is done.

Next stop-the main level! *shutter*

Great work J!

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