Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Great wall posters

Aren't these adorable? (I have a feeling I'll be using that word a lot)

I decided yesterday to start actually making note of some of the nursery ideas that hubs and I have had in the past while and looking for additional ideas. Where to first? Etsy obviously!

After cruising some mediocre wares and some that warranted "favouriting", I found the above decals from seller sixunderatree. They're quite large, and they're vinyl wall decals and are available in B&W or colours. Cute idea, non?

I'd been looking for something similar to use as posters/art in the nursery for a while, but had never quite found the appropriate graphics. So I messaged the seller and asked if she'd be willing to sell the alphabet in 12x18 poster form rather than the large vinyl decals. Unfortunately not. :(

So...if you come across something similar, please let me know. I'm definitely interested.

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